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Who's Who at Ohio State

Everybody who is anybody in Columbus—whether on or off the Ohio State campus—would rather be in purgatory than miss the delicious sight of the OSU varsity mowing down another opponent on Saturday afternoon. As in the picture on the right, the crowd stretches on and on around the two-tiered Ohio Stadium; it was taken during the game (Nov. 16, 1957) in which Ohio State beat Iowa 17-13 and virtually insured itself a fourth trip to the Rose Bowl. On that occasion a crowd of 82,935 was present, even though the official capacity of the stadium is only 78,951. Such bulging concrete seams are commonplace during the big Ohio State home games.

It is a rare occasion, however, when a huge and faceless football crowd like this one gets such a microscopic view of itself as Photographer Cooke has produced on these pages. Among the 341 persons on pages 24 and 25 you will find most of the Block O cheering section, where some 350 student volunteers sit defining the letter O with scarlet and white capes draped over their shoulders. Look also for such details as:

•Sixty-four girls wearing glasses

•Another 17 girls in smoked glasses

•Four men wearing caps

•Three more men wearing hats

•Two spectators viewing the action through binoculars

•Fourteen faces in profile

•One girl with her finger in her mouth

The announcement on the left will be of particular interest to those who may find themselves in the picture.



Stretching almost to infinity in a tweedlike fabric of humanity are the more than 80,000 who always attend the sacred Saturday ritual



Ohio State majorettes in their scarlet sweaters and tams decorate the sidelines

If you were in the Ohio State stadium on Nov. 16, 1957 to witness the Iowa game, and if you are in the picture on pages 24 and 25, circle your face, have two of your friends attest your identity with their signatures and direct your claim by mail to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, 9 Rockefeller Plaza, New York 20, N.Y. The editors will be pleased to reward you with a free one-year subscription.