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14 Comeuppance in Dallas
Texas gets its revenge on Oklahoma, and across the country football moves into high gear

16 Breaking Up the Braves
Coming back from a 3-1 deficit, Casey Stengel's Yankees destroyed Milwaukee's Braves

18 Spectacle: Rough Way to the Summit
Preparing for tougher climbs ahead, Rock Climber James McCarthy scales some rugged spots near home

27 Requiem for a Friend of Sport
Pius XII asserted that its values correspond to important elements of spiritual man

30 Champagne and Tweed at Belmont
A casual camera catches some of the fall styles succeeding most impressively

39 It's All Montreal
As the ice hockey season begins the Canadians stand high above the rest. A PREVIEW

46 Big Dog in a Little Package
The Chihuahua, ridiculed and often misunderstood, is the dog world's fastest-rising favorite

54 French Sizzlers on a Platter
Two famous restaurant specialties to restore a woman's ego in a man's world. By Mary Frost Mabon

66 The New Detroit Cars Wheel In
Here are the 1959 models in words and pictures, with four pages in full color

79 Shooting by Instinct
You can become a sharpshooter in an hour. Just try the McDaniel method, described by Martin Kane

The departments

6 Football's 4th Week
9 Scoreboard
13 Coming Events
23 Events & Discoveries
28 Wonderful World
47 Dogs
48 Boxing
54 Food
56 Pro Football
60 Charles Goren
64 Tip from the Top
66 Automobiles
86 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 9

Cover: James McCarthy

Cliffhanger McCarthy makes his way gingerly under a six-foot ledge. In a spectacular sequence in color beginning on page 18, this youthful expert shows how it is done.

Photograph by Kim Massie














Next week

•Iowa vs. Wisconsin, both unbeaten; Purdue against unbeaten Michigan State; unbeaten Auburn against Georgia Tech—college football really sizzles in its fifth week.

•As pro basketball bounces back on the scene, a special six-page PREVIEW analyzes the coming season. Scouting reports gauge the strength of each of the eight NBA teams.

•Herbert Warren Wind reports from St. Andrews on the dramatic World Amateur golf team championship and the resulting playoff between the United States and Australia.