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14 Afternoon of a Hero
A young Chicagoan leads Northwestern to the football season's biggest surprise

18 The State on New Ice
Moscow reveals a shapely contender for Soviet supremacy in world figure skating

30 Pro Basketball Returns
A list of brilliant rookies adds special interest to the new NBA season. A PREVIEW

32 Will Ye No' Come Back Again?
Scotland gave a spirited salute to the world's best amateur golfers. By Herbert Warren Wind

34 A Very Rich Quality
The wealthiest race in the world will bring together some of the classiest 2-year-olds

40 Lobster a la Newburg
Amory Haskell, horseman and country squire, gives his recipe for a favorite dish

48 The Surprising Flying Squirrel
This shy mammal, seldom seen by human eyes, is everywhere—even John O'Reilly's attic

66 T. R.: Savior of Our Wilderness
On his 100th anniversary, Theodore Roosevelt's role in conservation is assessed by Alden Stevens

The departments

8 Football's 5th Week
12 Coming Events
13 Scoreboard
18 Wonderful World
24 Events & Discoveries
40 Food
42 Pro Football
47 Sport in Art
48 Nature
50 Motor Sports
53 Charles Goren
54 Horse Show
56 Bonnie Prudden
65 Tip from the Top
73 19th Hole
76 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 13

Cover: Football's Fifth Week

The traditional request for silence by Syracuse Quarterback Chick Zimmerman was not honored by football's fifth week. For a wrap-up of the noisy upsets see page 14.

Photograph by Richard Meek














Next week

•Alice Higgins presents a PREVIEW of the National Horse Show on the eve of its diamond jubilee. Striking color photographs catch the special flavor of the event.

•A fond appreciation by Ed Zern of the remarkable and imaginative English springer spaniel, equally valuable as a waterfowl and pheasant retriever or as a household pet.

•Charles Goren introduces as a guest columnist his partner, Helen Sobel, who answers just a few of the many, many questions she is asked—often while playing a hand.