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16 The Amazing Herb Elliott
From Australia, Don Connery reports the temptations and tortures of the fastest miler

20 Women on the Football Field
Women in motion—at Purdue, Vanderbilt and Gaslight U.—stir up an amiable controversy

28 'To Make Us a Stronger Nation'
On election eve, the President of the United States takes time out to salute football

33 Russian Racing—Here and There
A preview of the first Laurel International in which Russia will compete, plus a four-page special report on an afternoon at Moscow's track

38 New Songs of Old Hawaii
A 15-page report by Coles Phinizy and Toni Frissell on the sporting life of the islands

56 Apple of the Tooth
The modest McIntosh is not for show, but it has some rare eating qualities

58 The Square Is Alive Again
A charming Rebel in cleats named Ravenel has made Harvard football fun once more

66 The Browns' Jim Dandy
Jim Brown, probably the greatest runner in football history, is Cleveland's indispensable man

The departments

11 Football's 7th Week
14 Scoreboard
14 Coming Events
20 Wonderful World
24 Events & Discoveries
52 Horse Show
56 Food
58 On Field and Campus
64 Charles Goren
66 Pro Football
81 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 14

Cover: Herb Elliott

Running barefoot over the flower-bedecked beach sands of Portsea, the world's fastest miler trains fiercely for the faraway season. For the untold story of his arduous life and fast times, see page 16.

Photograph by Tom Hutchins














Next week

•Mr. and Mrs. John Olin are ardent hunters. But more than that, as Virginia Kraft discloses, he has pioneered in the use of dogs and hunting preserves for conservation.

•At season's end, a roundup of the national sailing championships for all classes and a gallery of portraits of the skippers who made this the best year in U.S. boating.

•In temperate waters the scuba diver enters a chill, mystic realm called the "middle ground." Peter Gimbel explores it with his camera and describes it in evocative text.