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Chain Reaction and Some Bandits

16 With their thrilling victory over Baltimore the New York Giants have given a new look to the pro race
18 Eleven fierce substitutes and the superb Billy Cannon have put LSU at the top of the heap

31 Aeronauts vs. the Atlantic
On wind and whim, some sporting British wits will float our way next month

32 A Man, a Dog and a Crusade
John Olin, champion of dogs and hunting, is preserve shooting's firmest friend. By Virginia Kraft

45 Who'll Play Follow the Liter?
Facing a drastic reduction in Grand Prix engine size, three nations plan a new big-car rule

52 Sailboating's Smile of Champions
At season's end, a picture gallery of the nation's top winners, plus a roundup of all major classes

58 Monsieur Louis of '21'
A master with game, the chef at the famed New York eatery makes a rich dish of baby pheasant

68 Wildest Province of the Sea
Peter R. Gimbel with pen and camera penetrates the hostile veil of the boundless colder oceans

The departments

7 Football's 8th Week
12 Scoreboard
15 Coming Events
18 On Field and Campus
20 Wonderful World
26 Events & Discoveries
45 Motor Sports
51 Sport in Art
52 Boating
56 Tip from the Top
58 Food
60 Pro Basketball
63 Charles Goren
79 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 12

Cover: Mr. and Mrs. John Olin

Nilo Farms, near Alton, Ill., is the favorite hunting area of Industrialist Olin and his attractive wife Evelyn. For the story of Nilo, and Olin's crusade for better dogs and better hunting, see page 32.

Photograph by Dan Weiner














Next week

•A preview of the Army-Navy game, traditional climax of fall's football pageant, which will again be seen on coast-to-coast TV. Plus scouting reports on the two teams.

•Sporting look previews the winter's fashions. From snow to sun, the latest in furtrimmed parkas and beach clothes—70 items in all, along with guides on where to buy.

•Veteran Journalist Stanley Frank takes a disgusted look at statistics—"the numbers nonsense"—and charges they have ruined many a game and many a sportswriter as well.