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MEMO from the publisher

This picture of part of the cheering section at last year's Ohio State-Iowa game ran in our October 13 issue with an offer of a free subscription to all those who could identify themselves in it. The response has been as cheering as the section itself and so far has swelled the subscription rolls of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED by more than 110 loyal Buckeyes. Many of their names appeared in 19TH HOLE in the November 17 issue.

All this is another instance of one of our most constantly pleasing publishing experiences—our readers keep turning up as actors in our pieces. This time we zeroed in on them, as you can see above.

One who wrote was Dolores Davodowich, who now works at the Bell Labs in Whippany, N.J.:

"I'm the girl with her tonsils exposed," she said. "I do wish my mouth had been shut. I certainly miss Big Ten football and all my friends. But since my picture has appeared in your magazine I have heard from at least six people with whom I had lost contact.

"And I'd like to say that this is probably the only time I will ever see my face in a national magazine."

Wrong, Dolores. Here it is again.

And by the way, if you can't open your mouth in a cheering section, where lies hope?