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12 It's Up in the Air
The Browns and Giants head for a wild climax to a frenetic professional football season

24 Kramer Pros and Cons
Some reflections on the advisability of playing on two tennis courts at once

27 The Word for José Is a Loud Olé
Middleweight Jose Torres, idol of New York's Puerto Ricans, wins again. By Martin Kane

30 Best on Ice
How a flawless young couple annihilates competition in the painstaking world of pair skating

34 The Year of Lonesome George
Having traveled the U.S. for football's most exciting news, Roy Terrell sums up the season

48 The Lush Life at Land's End
Game-rich Baja California comes of age, thanks to air travel. Photographed in color by John G. Zimmerman

54 Twin Triumph for Lance
Lance Reventlow's remarkable Scarab sports cars dominated the Nassau races

60 Short Cut to the Shortswing
Skiing fundamentals for youngsters and beginners, demonstrated by Willy Schaeffler

70 Thinker on Horseback
Billy Steinkraus sums up a great career in horsemanship with a simple adage: think before you leap

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8 Basketball's Week
10 Scoreboard
11 Coming Events
16 Wonderful World
20 Events & Discoveries
43 Horse Racing
46 Basketball
48 Travel
54 Motor Sports
56 Food
59 Bonnie Prudden
66 Tip from the Top
67 Golf
68 Charles Goren
77 19th Hole
80 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 10

Cover: Barbara Wagner and Bob Paul

Few pair skaters in the world today will attempt, much less achieve, the speedy, difficult death spiral excuted here. For more on Canada's world champions, turn to page 30.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














Next week

•The annual two-in-one issue brings a heaping helping of delights. First, some holiday staples: the Silver All-America, a new Goren bridge quiz, five football bowl previews. Next, some brightly packaged surprises, all in color: Pandit Nehru's tiger cubs, the Dorado golf course, a blizzard at Bromley and six beautiful girl athletes—in formal attire. Then, some big, mysterious packages: The Man Who Wouldn't by Satirist Jules Feiffer, a baseball fantasy by Gerald Holland, a reverie of summers spent with James M. Curley by Herbert Warren Wind. Finally, an installment gift: an ice-clear primer on the art of figure skating by Maribel Vinson and Robert Riger. Happy Holidays!