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All the chips are down in a world championship game; it is a time for greatness. Bob Pettit chose such a contest, against Boston in April, to demonstrate his, convincingly. He scored an amazing 50 points, singlehandedly wresting the NBA title from the Celtics for St. Louis, and giving so much of himself to the effort that he was unable even to lift his head for photographers in the dressing room afterward. Bob's overpowering skill on attack has tended to obscure the fact that he is one of the best defensive players in basketball today—a facet of his ability shown in this picture of him about to block a shot by Bob Cousy. Pettit's daily Jekyll-Hyde transformation is a startling phenomenon. Off court, he is shy and mild to the point of meekness; when the whistle blows, he is a relentless bundle of aggression, irresistibly on the scent of victory.