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COMING EVENTS January 2 to January 8

All times E.S.T.

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Friday, January 2


Cincinnati vs. Detroit, Philadelphia vs. Syracuse at Philadelphia.
New York at Minneapolis.

[Television]Ortega vs. Moyer, welters, 10 rds., Mad. Sq. Garden, Mew York, 10 p.m. (NBC).

Los Angeles Open, $35,000, Los Angeles (through Jan. 5).

Lockett Cup Doubles, New York (also Jan. 4).

Saturday, January 3

BASKETBALL (college)

California at Oregon.
Georgia Tech at Kentucky.
Indiana at Michigan State.
Iowa at Northwestern.
Louisville at Xavier.
Mississippi State at Auburn.
[Television]North Carolina vs. Notre Dame at Charlotte, N.C., 1 p.m. (NBC).
St, Louis vs. NYU, Mad. Sq, Garden, New York.


Boston at St. Louis.
New York at Detroit.

[Television]Senior Bowl Game, Mobile, Ala., 3 p.m. (NBC).

[Television]All-Star Golf, Burkemo vs. Finsterwald, St. Augustine, Fla., 5 p.m. in each time zone (ABC).

HOCKEY (amateur)
Russian natl. team vs. U.S. natl. team, Minneapolis.

[Television]Boston at Detroit, 2 p.m. (CBS).

San Carlos Handicap, $50,000, Santa Anita, Calif.

Sunday, January 4


Boston at Cincinnati.
Detroit at. Syracuse.
[Television]Minneapolis at. Philadelphia, 2:30 p.m. (NBC).
New York at St. Louis.


Boston at Chicago.
Montreal at Detroit.
Toronto at New York.

Monday, January 5

BASKETBALL (college)

Bradley at Cincinnati.
Furman at West Virginia.
Kansas Slate at Iowa State.
Mississippi State at Alabama.
Northwestern at Michigan.

Minneapolis at Boston.

Tuesday, January 6

BASKETBALL (college)

Kentucky at Vanderbilt.
Virginia at North Carolina State.
Xavier at Miami (Ohio).


Cincinnati vs. Boston, Philadelphia vs. Detroit at Philadelphia.
Minneapolis vs. St. Louis, New York vs. Syracuse at New York.

Intl. Light Tackle Tourney, off Palm Beach, Fla. (through Jan. 9).

HOCKEY (amateur)
Russian natl. team vs. U. of Michigan team at Detroit.

Wednesday, January 7

[Television]Mims vs. Boyd, middles, 10 rds., Chicago, 10 p.m. (ABC).

Thursday, January 8

BASKETBALL (college)

Wake Forest at North Carolina.
West Virginia at Penn State.


St. Louis vs. Minneapolis at Dallas.
Syracuse at Cincinnati.


Eastern Figure Skating Champs., Rye, N.Y. (through Jan. 10).
Midwestern Figure Skating Champs., Denver (through Jan. 10).
Pacific Figure Skating Champs., Los Angeles (through Jan. 10).