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8 Red Icemen Come, See and Conquer
The Russian hockey team gets its American invasion off to a rousing start. By Robert Boyle

10 Chief into Superchief
Tennis eminence comes to Alex Olmedo as he wins the Davis Cup for America. Bill Talbert reports

12 How Basketball Looks under Glass
Photographer Hy Peskin shows what a basketball game looks like from behind the backboard

21 Ready, U.S.? Ready, Peru?
The U.S. earned the Davis Cup, but let's send it to Peru on a Good Neighbor exhibition

22 The Picture to Beat in 1959
Golfer and gallery are caught in a memorable mouth-open picture at the Los Angeles Open

26 A Long, Cold Road to Fame
From the wintry rinks of his boyhood Andy Bathgate has climbed to the heights of hockey

34 All Hail to the Ladies
At the bridge nationals in Detroit, Charles Goren tells how Mrs. Sylvia Stein icon top honors

46 Designing Fashion Queen
The exotic styles of Polly Hornburg have spread her fame far beyond her native Bermuda

50 Classic Hunt of Ireland
Toni Frissell photographs and Tano Neville describes some hard rides to hounds in the Emerald Isle

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5 Scoreboard
5 Coming Events
6 Basketball's Week
17 Events & Discoveries
22 Wonderful World
32 Food
34 Charles Goren
37 Ski Tip
38 On Field and Campus
40 Golf
46 Sporting Look
57 19th Hole
60 Pat on the Back

Cover: Andy Bathgate
This bashful smile belongs to the finest hockey player the New York Rangers have had in years. For the story of Andy Bathgate's spectacular ascension, turn to page 26.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman

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•In startling winter color, Toni Frissell photographs Movie Magnate Hal Roach (above) and friends gunning for pheasant in a magnificent Nevada mountain preserve.

•Bob Pettit of the championship St. Louis Hawks is a professional basketball player of rare skills. Four pages of remarkable sequence photographs demonstrate why.

•Prettiest and most unusual corporation president in the U.S., Swimmer Esther Williams introduces the latest in modern living—a portable pool for your own backyard.