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'What counts are the friends'

It is now nearly five decades since Clyde Littlefield was the football, basketball and track hero at the University of Texas. He lettered 12 times—a record never equaled at Austin—and played on eight unbeaten teams.

In 1920 Littlefield returned to Austin to coach track, and since then his name has become synonymous with the great University of Texas teams that have won a total of 23 Southwest Conference championships, produced such runners as Charley Parker, Charley Thomas, Eddie Southern.

In recognition, the other night, came a proud moment of tribute. At a dinner in Dallas, Coach Littlefield was made a member of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

At such nostalgic times, Clyde Littlefield, a man of old-fashioned equanimity, speaks with feeling about the sport and the men: "Honors are fine for a coach, but really what counts are the friends and the achievements made by the boys he has coached."