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10 Ingo Is the Man for 1959
Martin Kane visits Sweden's Ingemar Johansson, the colorful heavyweight with the mighty right hand

18 What Price Glory for Oscar?
The nation's best college basketball player has depressing social and academic problems

25 A New Lease on Fitness
Hurrah at last as the physical education teachers of the U.S. swing in with a program

28 The Fix Fails at Custer
Lindsay and Crouse are up to something on the basketball front, and here's what

30 The Head Master of Football Retires
A visit with Blaik of West Point, thinking back and going through his mail last week

32 Big News in Boats
Radical new hulls designed to slice through rough seas at top speeds are the hit of the boat shows

42 A Dozy, Cozy Kind of Dormy House
Britain's Bernard Darwin describes his special and happy life by the edge of a golf course

48 Adventure in the Mexican Jungle
Virginia Kraft reports on a unique hunting trip in the primitive rain forests of Tehuantepec

54 Hail a Torero de Epoca!
English Critic Kenneth Tynan proclaims Antonio Ordonez the greatest matador since Manolete

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36 Boxing
38 Horse Racing
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44 Ski Tip
45 Charles Goren
46 Food
62 19th Hole
64 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Hialeah

The opening of the Hialeah race track in Miami always signals the start of a new racing year for eastern fans. On page 38 William Leggett relays a first glimpse of 1959.

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•Athletes like Ireland's Ron Delany pose a severe threat to U.S. world supremacy in track. Tex Maule explores the challenge and assays the current indoor track campaign.

•This is the time of the basketball fever in thousands of small towns across the nation. Gerald Holland visits Pinckneyville, Ill. and covers a crucial high school game.

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