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QUESTION: Can Skiers with one-or two-week vacations find any low-cost travel-and-lodging package ski tours for this country and Europe?

Yes, here are some typical vacation tours lasting five days or more, starting out from the larger cities. Price includes round trip, meals en route, room and board, tickets for all lifts.

LOS ANGELES—to Sun Valley, Seven days, March 14 to 22, travel by Union Pacific RR, stay at Challenger Inn or Chalet dorm, 10 two-hour ski lessons. Price: $158.95 dorm; $63 more for double room. Meals on train extra. See any Union Pacific ticket agent.

SAN FRANCISCO—to Squaw Valley, 10 days, starting any Friday, by Greyhound bus, stay at Squaw Valley Lodge, three half-day lessons. Price: $99 up. Lifts extra: $25. Contact Garry Tours, San Francisco.

To Aspen, nine days, March 14 to 22, by Western Pacific RR, stay at Blue Spruce or Ski-Vu Lodge. Price: $149. Lifts extra. Contact Garry Tours, San Francisco.

DENVER—to Taos, N. Mex., seven days any time, by Continental Airlines, stay at Hondo Lodge or Chalet Alpina, daily one-hour lessons. Price: $136.30 for dorm; $30 extra per person for double room with bath. Contact Continental ticket office.

DALLAS, HOUSTON, SAN ANTONIO—to Taos, seven days any time, by Continental Airlines, lodging at Hondo Lodge or Chalet Alpina, daily one-hour lessons. Price: from Dallas $155.10; from Houston $188.20; from San Antonio $176, lodging in dorm; $30 extra per person for double room with bath. Contact Continental Airlines ticket office.

CHICAGO—to Taos, seven days any time, by Santa Fe RR or Continental Airlines, lodging at Hondo Lodge or Chalet Alpina, daily one-hour lessons. Price: $140.40 Santa Fe RR, $224.60 Continental Airlines, lodging in dorms; $30 extra per person for double room with bath. Contact Santa Fe or Continental Airlines ticket office, Chicago.

DETROIT—to Ste. Marguerite, Que., in the Laurentians, nine days, Feb. 14 to 22, by Canadian-Pacific RR, lodging at Chalet Cochand, two two-hour lessons per day, morning and afternoon. Price: $122. Contact Detroit Council of American Youth Hostels, Detroit. This is an AYH group tour, but new members are welcomed (membership fee $5).

To Aspen, 10 days, Feb. 20 to March 2, by United Airlines, lodging at Prince Albert or Roaring Fork, lifts and meals extra. Cost: $175. This is an Edison Ski Club tour. Contact John Lowry, 3547 Harding, Dearborn, Mich.

NEW YORK—to Lake Placid, 10 days starting any Friday evening, by bus, lodging at Hotel Marcey, daily two-hour lessons. Price: $145, with two to room. Lifts extra. Contact Ski Bird Tours, New York City.


New York is the jumping-off place for those who want to ski on the continent. All major airlines servicing Switzerland and Germany have banded together to work out three basic tours, with a choice of 18 resorts (others by special arrangement) in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy or France. Round-trip air transportation is to Zurich, Geneva or Munich. Cost to Zurich or Geneva ranges from $522.20 economy class to $851.60 first class. There is a special family rate for wife and each child between 12 and 25—$372.20 economy to $551.60 first class; children under 12 half fare. Fare to Munich $536.80 economy to $870.50 first class (additional family members $386.80 to $570.50). Included in transatlantic air fare is first-class rail transportation from city of arrival to resort and return. Transportation from MONTREAL, BOSTON, HARTFORD or PROVIDENCE to New York free.

Tour No. 1 is six days at resort of your choice plus six days in Paris (including sightseeing trips.) Average cost (add to air fare): $150 to $230, depending on choice of hotels, from standard to deluxe. All rooms are twin-bed rooms without bath. Tour No. 2 is six days at each of two resorts. Average cost: $180 standard to $240 deluxe. Tour No. 3 is five days at each of three resorts. Average cost: $240 to $330. Lifts are not included in any of the tours. Since all tours are independent you may make any side trips you wish, stopping over at such cities as London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfort, Hamburg, Madrid, Lisbon without paying any additional air fare. Arrangements can be made to suit your own itinerary, even to returning at a later date, if done at time of booking. For more detailed information get in touch with Steve Lohr, General Tours, Inc., 595 Madison Avenue, New York.

One of the best budget ways to ski Europe is to join a ski club that arranges its own trips. Most clubs require that you be a member for six months to a year prior to the tour. Among clubs going to the Alps this year is the PHILADELPHIA Ski Club, which plans to take up to 70 skiers (limited to members of the Pennsylvania Ski Federation and their immediate families) on a three-week trip to Kitzbiihel and St. Anton, Austria and Klosters and Davos, Switzerland. The group will leave Philadelphia February 22 via Pan American. Cost: $550 per person, including first-class flight to European destination, all bus and train transportation in Europe, lodging, meals, cost of shipping luggage and equipment and one evening's entertainment at a Paris nightclub the night before departure for home, March 15. Contact Willie Hischmann, 112 Loller Rd., Hatboro, Pa. Another such group is the CHICAGO Metropolitan Ski Club, which has chartered a Pan American plane for a three-week trip to Kitzbiihel and St. Anton, Austria and Davos, Switzerland. The group will leave Chicago on February 6 and return March 1. The cost: $685 per person, including air fare, meals and lodging. Contact the Harvey Mason Travel Bureau, Chicago. The U.S. Eastern Amateur Ski Association plans two three-week trips to Europe via TWA. Both tours will leave from New York, stop at Boston before heading overseas. The first leaves January 30 for Munich, returning from Geneva February 21; the second leaves February 13 for Zurich, returning from Zurich March 7. The USEASA provides air transportation only; skiers are on their own once they land in Europe. Cost: $259.50. Contact Edwin D. Eaton, 248 Steele Rd., West Hartford, Conn.