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10 Football's Jet-age Secret
The major independents of college football are getting ready to unite. By Tex Maule

14 A Theme of Frantic Climax
The new golf year is off to a rousing start, and a young Californian is its central figure

22 Changing Face of U.S. Boxing
A fighter and a promoter, among other newsworthy pairs, brought midwinter cheer last week

24 Sugarbush—New Lift, New Look
That's Sugarbush, Vermont, where the skiing and the clothes are something to try

26 Feet and Pete Dawkins
The real true story of how West Point's lonely end got his signals

31 Renaissance in Pinckneyville
Gerald Holland watches an Illinois high school basketball team play a crucial game

34 A Second-class Track Power?
Avery Brundage says we are, but a famous coach insists that Avery, this time, is dead wrong

44 A British View of U.S. Racing
A noted and knowledgeable racing writer praises and criticizes the vigor and vagaries of our sport

56 The Bonefish: Ghost of the Shallows
An X-ray of a sea fighter and the cult that has grown up around him. By Burton J. Rowles

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53 Tip from the Top
63 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Ron Delany

Athletes like this Irish miler threaten U.S. world leadership in track. For two clashing opinions about our ability to meet the challenge turn to Tex Maule's story on page 34.

Photograph by Richard Meek














Next week

•Richard Meek photographs in color the sometimes brilliant, sometimes homey spectacle of winter fun amidst the impressive snow-coated beauties of the Colorado Rockies.

•From Santiago, capital of Chile, Basketball Editor Jeremiah Tax reports on the big games and big disputes that took place in the world amateur basketball championship.

•Whither the America's Cup? Carleton Mitchell reviews the lessons of last summer's races and looks ahead to a new era of competition for international yachtsmen.