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New year's weekend launched the East's smartest new ski area, Sugarbush, Vt., and the longest and most comfortable new ski lift in America. The lift's almost spherical gondola cars—latest sleek evidence of Italian design—hang like brightly colored Christmas balls between aisles of spruce as they carry three passengers each up the 9,300-foot trail in a warm 14 minutes. On this big holiday weekend, the skiers were as sleek and colorful as the gondola cars, providing a preview of the season's new ski clothes. Odds-on parka favorites were of quilted nylon (SI, Nov. 24). With form-fitting stretch pants as shown here, they confirmed the best sporting look of the season.

Luisa Gitardenghi of Rome wears the most-popular parka of the year, of quilted, Dacron-filled nylon, which features a nylon hood that rolls neatly into a collar.

Instructor Alice Gray, in same parka, gives lesson to Mrs. Milton Greene, who is sporting hood, goggles and fox mittens.

Damon Gadd, Sugarbush developer, adjusts bindings for Mrs. Peter Gimbel, in sealskin parka with mink-trimmed hood.

Lita Cole has Bogner ski pants in 18 different colors, teams a beige pair with a reversible beige and white Meggi pullover.

Nancy Hefflin's quilted parka is by Barbara Barnett. Her aide, Sandy Waters, skis in leather mountaineering knickers.

Erica Von Morgen of Munich matches green Bavarian shrunken-wool jacket with stretchies, has same outfit in red.

Anne Hyde and Dodie Meneely are look-alikes in striped stocking caps, Austrian cardigans from Sig Buchmayr's ski shop.