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10 First Sputnik, Now This!
A first-hand account from Chile, by Jeremiah Tax, on the U.S. defeat in world basketball

14 Spectacle: High, White and Rocky
The fun and games of a sparkling Colorado winter, photographed in color by Richard Meek

26 Ingredients for a Faster Mile
Herb Elliott is hitting our banquet circuit. Here's his preferred diet

30 Senior Golfers Have a Ball
That's the PGA Seniors tournament at Dunedin, where the gray-haired champions were aplenty

34 Things Will Not Be the Same
Jim Norris, without Garden or IBC, must note compete with other promoters. By Martin Kane

40 Young Man On His Way Up
Here is 17-year-old John Thomas, who made a world-record 7-foot high jump last week

42 Beaver Trouble North of the Border
Canadian rangers fight a small, reluctant war against an ingenious but beloved enemy

52 Whale of a Hockey Rink
Here, in color, is Yale's stunningly modern, admirably functional new Saarinen ice arena

58 Whither the America's Cup?
Carleton Mitchell reports on current plans for yachting's great trophy in an exclusive, inside story

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8 Coming Events
20 Events & Discoveries
26 Wonderful World
38 Horse Racing
40 Track
46 Food
48 Golf
50 Ski Tip
55 Charles Goren
56 Baseball
65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

Cover: Colorado winter

The gaily dressed skiers detraining at Winter Park lead the "Rush to the Rockies" in Colorado's centennial year. For more color of the winter wonderland, turn to page 14.

Photograph by Richard Meek

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