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Positioning yourself for breaking putts


When you are playing undulating greens, you would do well to make certain modifications in the way you address the ball. On putts where the ball will be breaking from right to left off a definite roll, it is a good habit to bring the ball back a bit from the position (inside the left heel) where most people usually play it. When you play the ball more toward the center of the stance, it will then be spotted at the lowest part of the arc—which is where it should be in order for the golfer to make a solid delivery of the putter head. The player's center of gravity is changed subtly when he faces a right-to-left roll in the green, and moving the ball back an inch or so adapts his putting motion to this change.

Now, conversely, when you are facing a putt which breaks from left to right, the center of gravity shifts a shade forward. To offset this change in your center of gravity and the arc of your stroke, you should move the ball forward about an inch.

The thing not to do on rolling greens is to vary your stroke, cutting and pulling the ball off the contours, as poor and baffled golfers do. Just change the position of the ball and use your regular stroke, and this will do the job neatly and completely.

DICK MAYER, Irvine Coast Golf Club, Corona del Mar, Calif.



Above: standard position of ball and feet


Left: adjustment for right-to-left breaks


Right: adjustment for left-to-right breaks

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