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Following are 1958's national motorboat class champions



48 CU. IN. HYDRO: F. C. Moor, Miami, Aug. 2-3, at Seattle.
91 CU. IN. HYDRO: Burt Davidson, Tampa, Fla., Feb. 8-9, at St. Petersburg, Fla.
135 CU. IN. HYDRO: Frank Neely, El Monte, Calif., Aug. 2-3, at Seattle.
136 CU. IN. HYDRO: Harry Reeves, Seattle, Aug. 2-3, at Seattle.
225 CU. IN. HYDRO: Henry Vogel, Webster, N.Y., Aug. 2-3, at Seattle.
226 CU. IN. HYDRO: William Ritner Sr., Willow Grove, Pa., Aug. 2-3, at Seattle.
280 CU. IN. HYDRO: Alton Pierson, Queenstown, Md., Oct. 5, at Elizabeth City, N.C.
7 LITER: George Byers, Columbus, O., Aug. 24, at Louisville, Ky.
PODH: Howard A. Harris, Van Nuys, Calif., Aug. 2-3, Cambridge, Md.
44 CU. IN. RUNABOUT: R. McConnell Jr., New Orleans, June 29, New Roads, La.
B RACING RUNABOUT: Ernest Rose, Patterson, Calif., July 13, Merced, Calif.
JERSEY SPEED SKIFF: Fred Rexon, Haddonfield, N.J., Aug. 24, Beach Haven, N.J.
E SERVICE RUNABOUT: Bill Engle, Washington, Pa., Sept. 7, Buffalo.
F SERVICE RUNABOUT: Dr. August Schwender, Eggertsville, N.Y., Sept. 7, Buffalo.
E RACING RUNABOUT: Ray Hemmings, Long Beach, Calif., Sept. 13, Newport Beach, Calif.
CRACKERBOX: Glen Miller, Long Beach, Calif., Sept, 14, Newport Beach, Calif.

Held at Miami, Aug. 21-25

JU RUNABOUT: Russell Wulf, Amityville, N.Y.
AU RUNABOUT: Dean Chenoweth, Xenia, Ohio.
BU RUNABOUT: Paul Kalb, Monroe, Mich.
CU RUNABOUT: Richard J. Rees, Pottstown, Pa.
DU RUNABOUT: Skip Forcier, Grosse Pointe, Mich.
36 CLASS: William Kennedy III, Halesite, N.Y.
A STOCK HYDRO: Dave Hoggard, Trenton, Mich.
B STOCK HYDRO: Harry Pinner, West Palm Beach, Fla.
C STOCK HYDRO: Bob Brown, Miami.
D STOCK HYDRO: Don Baldaccini, Miami.

Held at Lakeland, Fla., Oct. 11-13

A HYDRO: George Taylor, Orlando, Fla.
B HYDRO: Archie Golsan, Montgomery, Ala.
C HYDRO: Melvin Kirts, Elkhart, Ind.
F HYDRO: Joe Michelini, Chicago.
C SERVICE HYDRO: Arlen Crouch, Quincy, Ill.
C RACING RUNABOUT: Arlen Crouch, Quincy, Ill.
C SERVICE RUNABOUT: Homer Kincaid, Carbon Cliff, Ill.
F RACING RUNABOUT: Chuck Parsons, Lodi, Calif. (held Oct. 11 at Oceanlake, Ore.).


APPLE CUP: Miss Bardahl, Driver Norm Evans, Owner Ole Bardahl, Seattle, May 11, at Lake Chelan, Wash.
DETROIT MEMORIAL: Miss Thriftway, Driver Bill Muncey, Owner Willard Rhodes, Seattle, June 14, at Detroit.
DIAMOND CUP: Maverick, Driver Bill Stead, Owner William T. Waggoner, Phoenix, June 29, at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
MAPES CUP: Maverick, Driver Bill Stead, July 26, at Lake Tahoe, Calif.
GOLD CUP: Hawaii Kai III, Driver Jack Regas, Owner L. N. Welsch, Seattle, Aug. 10, at Seattle.
SILVER CUP: Maverick, Driver Bill Stead, Aug. 23-24, at Detroit.
NATIONAL SWEEPSTAKES: Miss Bardahl, Driver Mira Slovak, Sept. 7, Buffalo.
PRESIDENT'S CUP: Miss U.S. I, Driver Don Wilson, Owner George Simon of Detroit, Sept. 20-22, at Washington, D.C.
GOVERNOR'S CUP: Miss U.S. I, Driver Don Wilson, Oct. 5, at Madison, Ind.
SAHARA CUP: Miss U.S. I, Driver Don Wilson, Oct. 23, at Lake Mead, Nev.
MARTINI & ROSSI APBA HIGH-POINT WINNER: Miss Bardahl, Driver Mira Slovak, 2,075 points.


NATIONAL PREDICTED LOG: Seafarer, Dr. Anson Hoyt, Red Bank, N.J., 5,278 points.
HERBERT L. STONE TROPHY: El-Ser-Co. M.N. Shansby, Los Angeles, 4,263 points.
GEORGE CODRINGTON TROPHY: Hurricane III, Dr. A. B. DuMont, Cedar Grove, N.J., 3,393 points.


PROFESSIONAL (Divisions I and IV)
Held at McAlester, Okla., Aug. 30 to Sept. 2

CLASS A HYDRO: Bill Tenney, Crystal Bay, Minn. New record of 53.571 mph.
CLASS B HYDRO: Wally Adams, Auburndale, Fla. New class record of 57.841 mph.
CLASS C HYDRO: Dicky Pond, Keokuk, Iowa.
CLASS C-1 HYDRO: Mel Callaway, Phoenix. New record 51.978 mph.
CLASS D HYDRO: Bud Jones, Sioux City, Iowa. New class record set by Ronald Williams of Keokuk, Iowa of 60.647 mph.
CLASS F HYDRO: O. B. Aylor, Highlands, Texas. New class record of 65.288 mph and Wynn Oil Co. award.
CLASS A RUNABOUT: Deanie Montgomery, Corsicana, Texas. New class record of 48.367 mph.
CLASS B RUNABOUT: Dub Parker, Gadsden, Ala. Record of 52.401 mph.
CLASS C RUNABOUT: Bill Holland, Houston.
CLASS C-1 RUNABOUT: Harry Demski, Midland, Mich.
CLASS D RUNABOUT: Bill Holland, Houston. New class record of 58.045 mph.
CLASS F RUNABOUT: Clay Pettefer, Lake Charles, La. New class record of 58.631 mph.
FREE-FOR-ALL RUNABOUT: Tatum Trophy, A. J. Mecke, San Antonio.
FREE-FOR-ALL HYDRO: Fox Trophy, O. B. Aylor, Highlands, Texas.

Held on Wabash River in Terre Haute, Ind., Oct. 11-13

CLASS B HYDRO: James R. Chambers, Anderson, Ind.
CLASS C HYDRO: Johnny Ayers, Fort Smith, Ark.
CLASS D HYDRO: Johnny Ayers, Fort Smith, Ark.
CLASS A RUNABOUT: Alan Collins, Columbus, Ind.
CLASS B RUNABOUT: Paul Kalb, Monroe, Mich.
CLASS C RUNABOUT: Joe Schulte, Palos Heights, Ill.
CLASS D RUNABOUT: Leon Kincaid, Anderson, Ind.

AMATEUR (Division II)
Held at Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 13-14

20 to 30 CU. IN. CLASS: Billy Cope, Columbia, Tenn.
30 to 37 CU. IN. CLASS: Gerald Martin, Columbia, Tenn.
40 to 50 CU. IN. CLASS: Byron O'Bryant, Chesterfield, Ind.
60 to 70 CU. IN. CLASS: Morgan Mills, Knoxville, Tenn.
UNLIMITED CLASS: McCullough Trophy, Jimmy (Stokes) Rogers, Knoxville, Tenn.


PROFESSIONAL: Billy Seebold, Granite City, Ill. 31,168 points, to win James Mulroy Memorial Trophy.
SEMIPROFESSIONAL: Johnny Ayers, Fort Smith, Ark., 11,900 points.
AMATEUR: Buddy Mallonee, Knoxville, Tenn., 14,575 points.

Following are 1958's major deep-water race winners

SAN DIEGO-ACAPULCO: Mex., Jan. 19, Carousel, Ashley Bown of San Diego.
LIPTON CUP: Miami (SORC), Feb. 1, Comanche, Jack Price of Miami.
MIAMI-NASSAU: Bahamas (SORC), Feb. 6, Finisterre, Carleton Mitchell of Annapolis, Md.
NASSAU CUP: Bahamas (SORC), Feb. 8, Ca Va, J. W. Hershey of Houston.
ST. PETERSBURG-MIAMI: (SORC), March 15, Ca Va, J. W. Hershey of Houston (Southern Ocean Racing Circuit Champion).
NEWPORT-ENSENADA: May 1, Nam Sang, Louis Statham of Los Angeles.
STORM TRYSAIL: May 29, Caper, Irving Pratt of Oyster Bay, N.Y.
SWIFTSURE LIGHTSHIP: Puget Sound, May 30, Ono, Herb Day of Seattle.
BERMUDA RACE: June 14, Finisterre, Carleton Mitchell of Annapolis, Md.
MILLS TROPHY: Toledo, June 21, Meteor III, Hank Burkard of Detroit.
PORT HURON-MACKINAC: July 12, Dyna, Clayton Ewing of Green Bay, Wis.
CHICAGO-MACKINAC: July 19, Dyna, Clayton Ewing of Green Bay, Wis.
PORTLAND-MONHEGAN ISLAND: Me., Aug. 8, Gay Gull, Robert Love of Vineyard Haven, Mass.
ASTOR CUP: Newport, R.I., Aug. 9, Solution, T. H. Ramsing of Greenwich, Conn.
STAMFORD-VINEYARD: L. I. Sound, Aug. 30, Hother, Paul Hoffmann of Larchmont, N.Y.
TRI-ISLAND SERIES: Puget Sound, Seaward, Dr. Byron Ward of Seattle.
WHITNEY TROPHY: Los Angeles, Cassandra, George Griffith of Portuguese Bend, Calif.
AHMANSON TROPHY: Los Angeles, Sirius, Skipper Tom Webster of Newport Harbor, Calif.
RUMSEY TROPHY: San Diego, Carousel, Ashley Bown of San Diego.


MIRA SLOVAK, "the flying Czech," in new Miss Bardahl, outmaneuvered the frequent first-place winner Don Wilson in Miss U.S. I by a mere 6 points to keep the national unlimited hydro high-point trophy in Seattle.




BILLY SEEBOLD JR., 17, high-point king, has driven with professionals three years.


CLAYTON EWING, with wonder yawl Dyna, swept both the Mackinac races last July.