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12 New Home for Speed
Daytona's imposing auto racing track bows in. An intimate look at it by Kenneth Rudeen

16 Fight Night at the Garden
The boxing crowd: a rare photographic essay in color by Jerry Cooke

26 Dave Sime Answers Avery Brundage
Duke's young track star, fellow with a wife, says any U.S. decline is the old guard's fault

36 End of a 60-year Reign
Willie Hoppe's career rounded out a long and memorable cycle in the game of billiards

40 A Look at the Youngsters
Bill Talbert presents some promising girls and boys who may soon be making tennis headlines

46 The Miracle of the Bass
To the delight of anglers, salt-water stripers thrive in the bright fresh waters of South Carolina

54 Rebel with a Cause
Designer Alexander Shields defies tradition to bring a new sporting look to male wardrobes

64 Part I: The Fabulous Sportsman
Beginning the amazing story of Foxhall Keene, product and epitome of a gilded age, by Finis Farr

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9 Scoreboard
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29 Wonderful World
44 Horse Racing
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51 Ski Tip
52 Skiing
54 Sporting Look
58 Food
61 Golf Tip
62 Charles Goren
73 19th Hole
76 Pat on the Back

Cover: Johnny Longden

The jockey who has been riding winners ever since the days when Calvin Coolidge was President continues his profitable yet precarious life on horseback (see page 44).

Photograph by Richard Meek

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Next week

•Bill Cox, past master of the popular Lightning class, begins a comprehensive two-part article on the rigging and sailing of small sailboats. Illustrated by Anthony Ravielli.

•Charles Goren, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's kibitzer at the World Bridge Championship in New York City this week, describes the battle scene and analyzes the pivotal hands.

•The best-selling sports car in the U.S. is perennially the English MG—"so tractable you can wring its neck if it doesn't behave." See the MG in color on its home ground.