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'Something for the whole family'

One of the hoped-for pleasures of parental middle age is to have children who participate in one's own interests. This requires large amounts of patience, enthusiasm and a certain pedagogic skill and is therefore a pleasure too seldom realized. Of Minneapolis' skating Wakefields a family friend sighed: "Seeing them together makes a fellow stop and think what the rest of us are missing."

Lyman Wakefield, a vice-president of the Minneapolis First National Bank, believes "sports are something for the whole family." A four-time intercollegiate skating champion as a Dartmouth undergraduate, he began to teach his daughter Louise (shown here with her father skating in Minneapolis' new Ice Center) before she was old enough to ride a bicycle. Today Louise and her sister Anne are competition skaters of considerable skill and enthusiasm. Wakefield's other sporting interest is horses and riding to hounds, and here again Louise has done him proud; last year she jumped her pony Country Life to a blue ribbon in the large hunter pony class of the National Horse Show.