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10 Trial and Triumph
Three years of trial is capped by an American physicist's triumph in world bobsledding

16 Surprises at the Westminster
A poodle and a bulldog took the top prizes, but less familiar breeds gave them a run for it

18 How to Beat Delany—Oops!
Half a dozen fellows had it almost figured out the other night, but it still takes some doing

27 What Baseball Needs
"Percentage baseball" can take lessons from the days of Ruth, Hornsby and Sisler

28 Viva Italia!
Pouring it on in the late stages, Italy won her third straight World Bridge Championship

32 The Nimble MG
One of the most popular sports cars, shown in color as it leaves the factory for the foreign market

38 Part I: Small Boat Sailing
Famous racing skipper Bill Cox tells how to master the art of sailing small boats upwind

50 Bouquets for Babe and Bailey
An ex-salesman sparks a new basketball power in the Southeastern Conference

56 Part II: Fabulous Foxhall Keene
Finis Farr concludes his account of the life and times of the great gentleman sportsman

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65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Sailboat under way

Signaling the start of his two-part series for America's sailors, Bill Cox skippers his famous Lightning, Zig Zagger. His analysis of sailing techniques begins on page 38.

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Next week

•As a thousand ballplayers head for big league training camps, Herbert Warren Wind tells what one of the most colorful of them all, Yogi Berra, does between seasons.

•A report from Daytona Beach by Kenneth Rudeen describing the Speed Week trials on the sand and the stock car races at Bill France's fast, spectacular new track.

•The grand test of the newly laid Olympic ski courses at Squaw Valley will come in next weekend's North American races. Ski Editor Ezra Bowen reports from the scene.