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'The players cooperated to a man'

The United States Lawn Tennis executive committee sat down the other day, faced west and voted not to sponsor this year's indoor national championship, traditionally held in New York. Their reason: the committee interpreted the frown on Perry Jones's face to mean he would not allow Olmedo and his other Davis Cup boys to come east, thus guaranteeing box-office disaster.

All seemed lost when up stepped Gladys Heldman, editor and publisher of World Tennis, and with the backing of a few old friends of tennis rescued the 56th installment of the famous old tournament (Feb. 19 to 23 in New York) by guaranteeing the USLTA against loss. Mrs. Heldman, herself the mother of two young competitors, has made the tournament a sellout: "The top players rallied to a man—Olmedo, MacKay and Buchholz, plus Drobny, Savitt, Mulloy and Bill Talbert. This is going to be one of the finest ever."