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4—James Abbe Jr.
10—A.P., U.P.I., Gene Garrett and Jerry Smith, Dick Verderosa
15—Ken Jones-Las Vegas Sun
16—Pics of Chicago, Chicago Sun-Times
17—Robert Lavelle-Indianapolis News
18—Los Angeles Times
21—Iower right, A.P.
22, 23—U.P.I.
28-30—drawings by Ajay
32, 33—Kim Massie (2), Margaret Durrance from Rapho-Guillumette
36—U.P.I. (2), A.P.
37—A.P. (3), U.P.I.
38—Martin Nathan
40, 41—Mark Kauffman
43, 44—Howard Harrison
57—New York Times
58—right, Bill Seaman-Minneapolis Star & Tribune
60—Ed Morgan
64, 65, 69—Jerry Cooke
70—Carleton Mitchell