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14 And Now Troilus
A handsome 3-year-old adds zest to the racing picture by beating First Landing in the Flamingo

16 The Cat Leads a Revolution
Fastest by far in a race against all comers, cats prove that two hulls are better than one

18 Pro Tennis Takes to the Road
Impresario Jack Kramer does some frank talking as he starts his players on the 1959 tour

22 Some Like It Cold
Muscovites, that is, who are splashing around this winter in an outdoor swimming pool

31 Ed Sullivan Prepares His Golf
Ed explains how four TIPS FROM THE TOP can improve his game. By Herbert Warren Wind

38 The Quarterly Sporting Look
The best of the new designs, selected and introduced by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED in its annual spring preview

58 Frolic in the Spring
Walter Bingham finds that things are different at the training camps of the Reds and Cards

68 Man Against the Barren Grounds
The diary of a remarkable expedition into the arctic wastes of Canada. First of two parts

The departments

6 Basketball's Week
8 Scoreboard
10 Coming Events
20 Wonderful World
24 Events & Discoveries
38 Sporting Look
56 Food
58 Baseball
62 Charles Goren
64 Ski Tip
77 19th Hole
80 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 8

Cover: Ed Sullivan

A careful and conscientious student of golf tells in an article beginning on page 31 how he can get his game ready for the summer season with proper winter preparation.

Photograph by Farrell Grehan














Next week

•A preview of the only U.S. world championship road race—the Sebring 12 Hour—with all the entries and a closeup of the leading American driver, Phil Hill.

•Taking a new look at a favorite playground, Carleton Mitchell tours the top boating, eating and fun sectors of the Tampa Bay country on Florida's sunny west coast.

•On the eve of the annual NCAA tournament, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S basketball department scouts the teams in the draw and presents its choice of the nation's top 20.