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And it did, with the customary inevitability of death and taxes: Carol Heiss kept right on winning, Willie Pastrano kept on losing, a youngster got a veritable rise out of Parry O'Brien and, by zoom, zoom, zooming, two pro basketball outfits scored 312 points

Catching a short right from Willie Pastrano is Joe Erskine, a onetime British Empire champion. But Erskine threw a few more left jabs than Willie and won what was a singularly flighty fight. "Erskine is sadly underrated," said Pastrano after suffering his second straight loss in London. And Pastrano is the sadly overrated remnant of a thoroughly inflated crop of home-grown heavyweights who were innocents abroad.

Putting the shot with a powerful grimace is Dallas Long, an 18-year-old USC freshman. Long's put was so long—a record-surpassing 63 feet 4 inches—that it literally scared the pants off Parry O'Brien, the world record holder. O'Brien, a spectator at the Los Angeles meet, slipped, aghast, from stands to locker room, reappeared in uniform and promptly did 63 feet 6. "I had to," he said. "What would people think?" Neither put, alas, was official: the field slopes.

Evading the desperate arm of Hot Rod Hundley (33), Tom Heinsohn scores two of the record 312 points made at Boston, where the Celtics beat the Minneapolis Lakers 173-139 in the most offensive basketball game ever played. Although it was fun while it lasted, which was for 48 minutes at 6½ points a minute, NBA President Maurice Podoloff is not eager for it to happen again. "In the long run," he said, "it would destroy basketball. People like to see a struggle."

Studying the tracings on the ice which led to her fourth straight world championship is Carol Heiss, 19, the daughter of an Ozone Park, N.Y. baker. But Carol had little opportunity to study her lessons at Colorado Springs. "I've got a sociology test coming up," she said, "and I'm scared to death. I want to concentrate on my school work. I don't want to live in the little world of skating. Being world champion isn't going to help raise a family, keep a house and clean it."