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16 New York Gets the Big Fight
His search ended, Promoter Bill Rosensohn awards the Patterson-Johansson fight to the big city

18 Danny and the Pirates
Roy Terrell thinks the swashbuckling Pirates may hoist a pennant up the National League mast

20 A Pretty Lady Beats the Boys
Californians are gaga over a young filly who won their derby and now heads for Kentucky's

22 Spectacle: Happy Sailing
In color, a breezy convention of shining sails and happy people on incomparable Tampa Bay

30 Urbanity and the Wilderness
A too-relaxed nation is warned of the danger of finding no room to relax in

38 Sebring's Horn of Plenty
It spills renowned cars and drivers onto the Florida course next week. By Kenneth Rudeen

44 Rough Road to Louisville
The NCAA basketball tournament gets under way, with the winner to be crowned March 21

58 The Wonder of Tampa Bay
There's fun for all, old and young, from sailors to shuffleboarders, in the St. Petersburg area

80 Part II: The Barren Grounds
The Moffatt expedition plunges inexorably northward toward a grim climax in the Canadian arctic

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32 Wonderful World
44 Basketball
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56 Charles Goren
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89 19th Hole
92 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 13

Cover: Phil Hill

Smiling his anticipation of the new road racing season, the foremost U.S. driver poses with his Sebring-winning Ferrari. For a preview of Sebring 1959, turn to page 38.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














Next week

•Novelist Joe David Brown describes the life, loves and good times of the most fabulous sportsman of the modern era—Prince Aly Khan. First of two parts.

•Jet-age view of the great skating rink and heavenly mountains of Russia's Alma Alta, deep in the snows of Kazakhstan. A revealing tour with Horace Sutton.

•A portrait in words and pictures of Richie Ashburn, who wears his uniform knickers high like yesterday's ballplayers, and who goes for singles instead of home runs.