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The rain in Florida (and Georgia) fell mainly (and cheerlessly) on empty ball fields, horse tracks, racing cars and golf links last week during a near monsoon. But even when the sun came out, low, ominous thunder could be heard. It came from 12 major league training camps where disgruntled managers, who had brooded through a similar rainy season last year, grumbled about everything under the sun, particularly Arizona, where the other, four teams were playing ball. As for the horseplayers, they were shut out at Sunshine Park, which shut down for four days because it couldn't live up to its name, but thousands at Gulfstream stood hopefully through what the Army delightedly calls "realistic weather" to watch horses run upstream and down.

Peering disconsolately out at the rain in Clearwater, Fla., which was stubbornly celebrating its Fun 'n Sun Week, is Phillie Manager Eddie Sawyer. The Phillies were washed out for five days.

Dunking a baseball in the University of Tampa gym is White Sox First Baseman Ron Jackson. Joining in the foul-weather pastime are Coach Don Gutteridge (39), Luis Aparicio (11), Sam Esposito.

Smiling beneath a loser's mudpaek is Jockey Gilbert LeFleure, whose mount, Blenjem, finished sixth behind the slop-kicking heels of the leaders at Gulfstream Park.

Sloshing into a pit at Sebring during a practice spin is a Maserati owned by Carroll Shelby. Rain also fell during the Grand Prix, won by a Ferrari (see page 40).

Chipping in the rain is former national amateur champion Barbara Romack, who is togged out in two-piece waterproof and straw hat, as the women professionals open their spring tour at showery Columbus, Ga. Bettye Mims Danoff (right) seeks shelter under a plastic slicker and umbrella. Rain-interrupted Royal Crown Cola Open was won by Betsy Rawls with 294.