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Original Issue

Art in Harness

To celebrate the rise of harness racing from the folksy intimacy of country fairs to the status of year-round national pastime, officers of Chicago's May wood Park Trotting Assn. sponsor an art competition, harnessing, so to speak, art to trotting. Here are some of the best, a few of which hang in Maywood's clubhouse.

"AFTER THE WARM UP," groom covers horse in this oil by Katherine Grace.

"MERRY-GO-ROUND," Walter Parke termed his painting of horses in homestretch.

Wide-angled view intrigued Artist Phoebe Moore in work sold to socialite.

"THE BLACKSMITH," a watercolor also by Miss Moore, won the "also ran" award.

Wire sculpture by Nancy Frederick is now owned by Martin King of Chicago.

"SULKY," by Charles Wood, 1957 winner, is in the Maywood permanent collection.