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'It makes you study'

Some 800 students and their families the other day filled the gymnasium of Texas' Denison Senior High School where, to the school band's rendition of the Iphigenia in Aulis overture, Superintendent H. W. Goodgion awarded block letters to 21 boys and girls. Instead of carrying the usual sports symbols the big Ds were overstitched MATH, ENGLISH, SCIENCE and SOCIAL SCIENCES. Goodgion was awarding letter sweaters—most prestigious of high school prizes—to his top scholars "because good students are taken too much for granted."

Among the bright boys and girls thus honored Frank Tatum was the only one also to win a varsity sports letter—Frank plays center on the school's basketball team. To win one of Denison's new academic letters, a student must have a general semester average of 90 and submit to stiff written achievement tests. Denison's student body likes the idea fine. "It makes you study harder," says Frank.