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The principal meets in college sports for the spring season


APRIL 8: Eastern Intercollegiate Baseball League, opening game (Columbia vs. Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia).

JUNE 12-17: National Collegiate Baseball Championships, Omaha.


APRIL 11: Eastern Assn. of Rowing Colleges, opening regattas (Boston U. at Brown; Rutgers at Pennsylvania).

APRIL 18: Callow Cup Regatta (Navy and Pennsylvania, 150 pounds), at Philadelphia.

APRIL 25: Childs Cup Regatta (Columbia, Pennsylvania, Princeton), at New York.

MAY 2: Blackwell Cup Regatta (Columbia, Pennsylvania, Yale), at Philadelphia.

MAY 2: Goes Trophy Regatta (Cornell, Syracuse, Navy), at Ithaca, N.Y.

MAY 2: Wood Hammond Cup Regatta (Pennsylvania, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, 150 pounds), at Philadelphia.

MAY 2: Biglin Cup Regatta (Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, 150 pounds), at Cambridge, Mass.

MAY 2: Compton Cup Regatta (Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Dartmouth), at Cambridge, Mass.

MAY 9: Wisconsin vs. California, heavyweight, at Berkeley.

MAY 9: MIT vs. Columbia, heavyweight, at New York.

MAY 9: Adams Cup Regatta (Harvard, Navy, Pennsylvania), at Annapolis, Md.

MAY 9: Goldthwaite Cup Regatta (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, 150 pounds), at Princeton, N.J.

MAY 9: Carnegie Cup Regatta (Cornell, Princeton, Yale), at Derby, Conn.

MAY 9: Geiger Cup Regatta (Cornell, Columbia, MIT, 150 pounds), at Cambridge, Mass.

MAY 16: 14th Annual Eastern Assn. of Rowing Colleges Championship Regatta, 150 pounds, at Cambridge, Mass.; heavyweight, Princeton, N.J.

MAY 23: Pennsylvania vs. Cornell, heavyweight, at Ithaca, N.Y.

MAY 30: Wisconsin vs. Navy, heavyweight, at Annapolis, Md.

JUNE 13: Harvard vs. Yale Annual Regatta, at New London, Conn.

JUNE 20: 57th Annual Championship Regatta, Intercollegiate Rowing Assn., Syracuse, N.Y.

MARCH 27-28: National Collegiate Fencing Championships, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.


MAY 9-11: 25th Annual Eastern Intercollegiate Golf Championships, Princeton U., Princeton, N.J.

JUNE 21-27: National Collegiate Golf Championships, U. of Oregon, Eugene, Ore.

MARCH 26-28: National Collegiate Skiing Championships, Winter Park, Colo.

MARCH 26-28: National Collegiate Swimming Championships, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.


MARCH 31: Eastern Intercollegiate Tennis Assn., opening match (Dartmouth vs. Navy) Annapolis, Md.

JUNE 22-28: National Collegiate Tennis Championships, Northwestern U., Evanston, Ill.


MARCH 28: Chicago Daily News Relays, Chicago.

APRIL 24-25: Penn Relays, Franklin Field, Philadelphia.

MAY 2: Metropolitan Intercollegiate Track & Field Championships, Downing Memorial Stadium, New York.

MAY 16: Heptagonal Track & Field Championships, Yale, New Haven, Conn.

MAY 29-30: IC4A Track & Field Championships, Downing Memorial Stadium, New York.

JUNE 12-13: National Collegiate Track & Field Championships, U. of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb.

MARCH 26-28: National Collegiate Wrestling Championships, U. of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.