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QUESTION: I'm planning to take a spring skiing vacation. What areas will be open after March 30, and what are the snow conditions at each?

Below is a list of areas where skiing should last at least through April. I've included an estimated closing date, the present snow depth and a person to call for a last-minute snow report—a must before taking off.

Good everywhere until April 15, with following areas best: MT. TREMBLANT: Outlook good, with current snow depth 61 inches. Call Mt. Tremblant Lodge, Mt. Tremblant 83 for conditions. MT. OXFORD: Skiing through April, possibly until May 15. Present depth 61 inches. Call Jacques Audette, Magog, Victor 3-3031. LAC BEAUPORT: Until April 15, depth now 58 inches. Fritz Loosli, Quebec City, Victoria 9-4461.

MT. WASHINGTON: No lift. Best spring skiing area in the East; snow is sure to last to Memorial Day, probably into June, with snow piled 40 to 70 feet deep at foot of Headwall and Little Headwall filling in with wind-blown snow. Don't overlook snow fields near the top of the mountain. Last year the auto road to the top opened in time to let skiers drive up, ski down. Contact Appalachian Mountain Club, Gorham, Homestead 6-3994. WILDCAT: Probably best lift-serviced spring skiing in the East, since the sun hits north slopes at Wildcat only a couple of hours daily. Excellent prospects until "April 30. Depth now 26 to 46 inches. Kay or Neil Jensen, Gorham, Homestead 6-2295. CANNON MT.: Skiing until closing day, April 19. Present base 6 to 46 inches. Eve Hodge, Franconia, Valley 3-5561.

SUGARLOAF: Should be open through April. Slopes on top of the mountain, a three-mile hike up Tote Road, can be skied into May. Blanche Goodwin, Kingfield, Congress 5-2663.

Spring skiing good throughout April at most areas unless an unexpected thaw hits, MAD RIVER GLEN: Skiing until April 26, depth now 60 inches. Ken Quackenbush, Waitsfield 20 ring 2. SUGARBUSH: Gondola will keep top accessible even if the bottom is soft. Depth 50 inches. Jack Murphy. Waitsfield 46 ring 2. STOWE: Average closing date past 20 years has been April 22. Present depth 60 inches. Bob Bourden, Stowe, Alpine 3-7716. BROMLEY: Skiing until April 15. New chair lift now in operation. Fred Pabst, Manchester 315. MT. SNOW: Ought to have good conditions until April 30. Win Lauder, Wilmington, Homestead 4-3333. KILLINGTON: High elevation ought to keep area going into May. Preston Smith, Bridgewater, Orchard 2-3703.

MT. GRAYLOCK: No lift. State's highest mountain often has snow into May for skier willing to hike two miles up Thunderbolt Trail.

TAOS: Ought to last until May 3 in area served by lift. Skiing until June 14 by Sno-Cat at 13,000-foot level. Chilton Anderson, Taos, Plaza 8-3537.

ASPEN MT. and BUTTERMILK: Close April 12. ASPEN HIGHLANDS: April 13. ASHCROFT: 10 miles from Aspen; offers spring touring until late May. Contact Stuart Mace, Aspen, Walnut 5-7345. ARAPAHOE BASIN: Spring skiing, including high-mountain touring until May 15, open only weekends thereafter until June 1. John Bailey, Arapahoe No. 2.

TETON PASS: 25 miles from Jackson, Wyo. No lifts. Prospects good to end of May, depth 100 inches at pass. Best skiing of all in magnificent Glory Bowl (3,300-foot vertical crop), reachable with sealskins. Betty Woolsley, Jackson 032R2.

BRIGHTON: Lifts run until June. Gene Simpson, Brighton 4. ALTA: Some of the best spring skiing in the West. Open until June. Chick Morton, Alta 2.

LOOKOUT PASS: Near Mullen. Lift skiing should last until April 20. Depth now 80 inches. Dr. E. D. Fitzgerald, Wallace 1272 or 4461.

BIG MOUNTAIN: Skiing until end of April. Miles of open slopes and trails from top of mountain reached by Sno-Cat. Karl Hinderman, Whiteface, University 2-2845.

SUNSHINE VILLAGE: 14 miles west of Banff. Skiing until April 26. Snow depth 64 inches. Walter Fisher, Banff, Poplar 2-3458.

MAMOTH MT.: Skiing from lifts or Sno-Cats through June. Snow 14 feet. Nick Gunter. Mamoth Lakes, Crowley Lake 311. INYO BASIN: No lift. Touring should last right into June. Snow 11 feet. Bruce Morgan, Lone Pine 2281. MT. SAN GURGONIO: Wilderness area with no facilities but possibly some of the best spring skiing in the state. Skiing should last into July. Reached by San Bernardino freeway, turnoff to Barton Flats, there obtain final directions at the restaurant and gas station, MT. SHASTA SKI BOWL: Open to the end of July, 200 inches of snow at bottom of lift. Bill di Cristina, Mt. Shasta, Walnut 6-2484. SQUAW VALLEY: Will operate daily through April, weekends after April as long as snow lasts. John Buckman, Tahoe City, Juniper 3-3461.

TIMBERLINE LODGE: Lift skiing well into August. Present depth 138 inches. Clyde Martin, Government Camp, Timberline Lodge No. 1. MT. BACHELOR: Lift skiing to July 1, upper slopes until August 15. C. J. Morgan, Bend, Evergreen 2-2367.

WHITE PASS: Should operate until the middle of May. Depth now 61 inches. Glen Young, Yakima, Glencourt 3-4727. MT. BAKER: High trails skiable into August, glacier skiing right up to Labor Day. Lifts will operate through July 5. Blueberry Hill tow will run to August, then a tow will be set up for glacier skiing on Table Mountain. Mrs. Walt Hinds, Glacier, Lyndhurst 9-3377.