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Say what you like about the sturdy and manly virtues of the playing fields of sport but, as all sports managements well know, the scene improves immeasurably when there are women around. Here, culled from the news of these equinoctial days, are three arresting examples, at least a couple of them with touches of rare, explosive innovation

To publicize wrestling at Oregon State College, seven seemly coeds posed behind ribbons naming college wrestling's objectives. Coach Dale Thomas was delighted by the fresh approach; he holds amateur wrestling a great sport too little known, and the girls missionaries in a good cause. But OSC President A. L. Strand refused to admit the worthy ends justified the cheesecake means, banned further efforts along these lines as the students mourned.

To accommodate the lightly turned fancies of two young men in the spring, a Charlotte, N.C. schoolgirl went out to a baseball game with two friends and, with a highly developed self-possession, played ball with both. Too preoccupied with love and/or baseball, Dark Shirt did not discover the handwork exchange going on behind his back. But in a situation rife with triple play, Miss Double Dealer took good care not to sit in the middle.

To open the NCAA hockey tournament at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., Miriam Sanderson, Miss New York State, threw out a puck (not visible) and a smile while St. Lawrence and North Dakota players could still look cordial. But when Miss New York, in all her froufrou finery, had retired to a box seat, the genial relations between the teams gave way to clash and clang. North Dakota Sioux won both opener and title.