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16 Wall Wins the Masters
A sensational run of birdies on the last nine gave golf's great prize to Art Wall

20 Two for the Big Money
Last week's Florida Derby produced two good horses which should be prominent in the classics

33 The U.S. According to Vladimir
A visiting Soviet wrestler's back-home version of what he saw and felt in America

94 Part III: Tommy Armour
Continuing his round of "thinking" golf, the great teacher goes on to the fifth hole

123 Six Poker Players You've Met
A gallery of Saturday night sports, assembled and illustrated by Irwin and William Steig

Baseball 1959

34 Curtain Going Up
Roy Terrell sneak-previews the season ahead

46 Genius or Showboat?
Stiffnecked Umpire Frank Dascoli is called both

55 32 Pages of Scouting Reports
Detailed analyses of all 16 major league teams


56 New York
58 Chicago
60 Boston
62 Cleveland
64 Detroit
66 Baltimore
68 Kansas City
70 Washington


78 Milwaukee
80 Pittsburgh
82 San Francisco
84 Cincinnati
86 St. Louis
88 Chicago
90 Los Angeles
92 Philadelphia

72 A new statistical look at last season

128 Willie Mays 1959
Willie is a man now, reveals Joe David Brown

141 1.000
Jules Feiffer says it's awful to be perfect

The departments

4 Coming Events
11 Scoreboard
22 Wonderful World
26 Events & Discoveries
109 Boxing
112 Horse Racing
114 Motor Sports
118 Food
120 Dogs
145 19th Hole
148 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 11

Cover: Willie Mays

The great star of the Giants reflects the spirit of the season, which opens this week. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's fourth annual special baseball issue tells you what to keep an eye on in '59.

Photograph by Jon Brenneis














Next week

•Beginning the inspiring life story of Billy Talbert, his personal battle against diabetes, the colorful days of his life on the tennis circuit and his triumphs in the postwar years.

•Herbert Warren Wind takes a reflective look at the 1959 Masters golf tournament at Augusta and in his unique style reports in depth on Art Wall's great surge to victory.

•Ingemar Johansson, the good-looking Swedish heavyweight who fights Floyd Patterson in June, is portrayed in a he-man pinup color photograph by Mark Kauffman.