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18 Hot in the Cold
Baseball's opening weekend was frigid, but the quality of play had a touch of midsummer

22 River Oaks: Showcase of Tennis
Houston's famous invitational tournament is a favorite of touring amateur tennis stars

31 Alliance at the Summit
Helsinki says Khrushchev has been urged to take up golf. Now just suppose he does

32 Coast Musclemen Bend to Work
Huskies and Bears take to eight-oared shells with one thought in common—their ancient rivalry

38 A Historic Masters
A reflective look by Herbert Warren Wind at Golfer Art Wall's dramatic victory at Augusta

51 Part IV: Tommy Armour
The great teaching professional concludes his revealing series on a "thinking" round of golf

62 A Pass in Time
Now comes the season of relay running, when the pass of a baton can win a race or lose it

66 Sweep for the Celtics
Boston's perfectly balanced squad became the first ever to win the NBA title in four games

72 Swedish Pinup
A rare and memorable two-page color photo of Fighter Ingemar Johansson

76 Part I: Playing for Life
Beginning the inspiring story of Billy Talbert's battle against diabetes and his ultimate triumph

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70 Charles Goren
75 Football
93 19th Hole
96 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 13

Cover: Billy Talbert

The debonair veteran of international tennis, whose life story begins this week on page 76, achieved success despite an ailment which many felt would cripple him for life.

Photograph © by Philippe Halsman














Next week

•The undefeated filly Silver Spoon could make the 85th Kentucky Derby one of the most exciting ever. A review of the probable field, plus illustrations by Joe Kaufman.

•In color, Cattle Rancher Bill Miller tracks down, lassoes and brings back alive 125 pounds of snarling mountain lion in the high plateau country of northern New Mexico.

•The presumption of a fight between Floyd Patterson and Brian London leads Martin Kane to comment on London in the ring and Patterson in some recent sparring sessions.