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16 The Slot-machine Derby
Now the Derby picture seems confusing, but it could turn out to be brilliant. By Whitney Tower

22 Under Fiji's Foaming Waves
A stormy passage into the silent world of the Pacific in spectacular photographs by George Leavens

34 Scouting 1959's Oklahoma Crop
Two dozen major league scouts turn up in Norman for the state's high school championships

40 Lassoing a Lion
New Mexico Rancher Bill Miller brings " cougar back alive. Photographed in color by Walt Wiggins

46 Path of the $2 Bet
Pictures trace the pari-mutuel operation at Yonkers, where new betting marks are being set

57 The Two Faces of Cecil Rhodes
An Ivy League fight promoter throws down the torch and picks up $55,000 for not promoting

61 Boom-boom and the Rabbit
The Braves had pitching, but then a rabbit watched the Pirates snap the Braves' winning streak

68 Part II: The Billy Talbert Story
The glory and the drama of the big-time tennis circuit and a crisis in the young player's life

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4 Coming Events
11 Scoreboard
13 Baseball's Week
26 Events & Discoveries
32 Wonderful World
50 Harness Racing
54 Charles Goren
57 Boxing
61 Baseball
64 Tip from the Top
65 Hockey
81 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 11

Cover: Silver Spoon

The suspense over whether or not C. V. Whitney's undefeated filly will run in the 85th Derby is as high as over whether or not she can win. For her life story see page 16.

Photograph by Leigh Wiener














Next week

A study of a deepening crisis in baseball: the problem of the pitcher. A healthy Bob Turley is worth half a million. But a sore pitching arm could leave him worthless.

On the eve of National Youth Fitness Week, a report in words, pictures and statistics reveals the progress of some of the U.S.'s brightest and most successful programs.

A report from Las Vegas on golf's rambunctious Tournament of Champions, plus a bonus for golf readers: four pages of vivid color on some startling new golf courses.