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faces in the crowd...

Connie Der of Winter Haven, Fla., with an accomplished knack of keeping her footing on rough water, upset National Champion Nancie Rideout at wave-ruffled Dixie water-ski tournament in Winter Haven.

Wayne Hardin, Navy assistant coach for last four years, was named to succeed resigned Head Coach Eddie Erdelatz. Bubbled Hardin: "I've dreamed of being a head coach since I was in the seventh grade."

Dave Mills, a 19-year-old Purdue freshman who lacks proper respect for elders, went to Ohio relays, there beat Olympic Champion Glenn Davis twice, in 400-meter and 300-yard dashes, both times by five yards.

Jerrie Cobb, 26, flying Aero Commander 680E out of Las Vegas in connection with the World Congress of Flight, set world business plane speed record as she zoomed over 2,000-kilometer course at cloud-clipping 226 mph.

Gene Tunney, rich, Shakespeare-versed, onetime heavyweight boxing champion of the world, journeyed to cornerstone-laying ceremonies at Maine's Nasson College, accepted honorary degree as doctor of letters.

Victor Lugli, of New Britain, Conn. YMCA, fought off stubborn attack of Harlem (N.Y.) YMCA's Louis White, in two straight games won the first national paddle rackets singles championship at New Britain.

Bernard Bartzen, 31, of Dallas, won River Oaks tennis tournament by default from Dick Savitt in overheated Houston. Said a wilted Savitt, behind when he quit: "I'm sorry I couldn't last until he knocked me off."