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16 High Focus on High Hopes
A big weekend in track and field revealed that America's prime strength lies in the Midwest

18 From Here to Confusion
In a Kentucky Derby still fraught with guesswork, Whitney Tower offers thought and selections

20 Palm Springs Golf Boom
The California desert is blooming into a golfer's garden of plenty and realty harvest

28 An Expert Defends the Sports Page
Fred Russell of the Nashville Banner tells managing editors the situation is pretty sound

34 Wet Bottom in Biscayne Bay
Minor disaster, with a happy ending, overtakes a young sailorman in a pram

39 Action on the Fitness Front
In words, charts and pictures, encouraging news for Americans on the eve of Youth Fitness Week

70 Fawned-on Fawn
Photographer David Goodnow captures in color the rare friendship of a dog and a young deer

76 Part III: The Billy Talbert Story
An established star, the veteran player concludes his inspiring account of his life in big-time tennis

The departments

9 Coming Events
10 Scoreboard
14 Baseball's Week
25 Events & Discoveries
30 Wonderful World
54 Tip from the Top
56 Food
58 Baseball
66 Golf
68 Boxing
73 Charles Goren
89 19th Hole
92 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 12

Cover: Bob Turley

With an alarming frequency, yesterday's winning pitcher is becoming today's medical question mark. For the story of baseball's critical pitching situation, turn to page 58.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














Next week

•Here is fabulous Las Vegas, gambling's booming, neon-splashed, star-studded glamour town, shown in color photographs by Jerry Cooke and a report by Kenneth Rudeen.

•Whitney Tower reports from Churchill Downs on the running of this Saturday's Kentucky Derby, describes the vicissitudes that precedes it and the joy that follows.

•Unveiling the Sporting Look for a sporting summer—a varied selection of the best of the year's designs in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S quarterly preview of the season's fashions.