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Original Issue

MEMO from the publisher

For almost five years now, since the first issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, I have had frequent and pleasant occasion to introduce different people to you in this space. Some have been writers, editors and staff members. Others, from time to time, have been readers like yourselves. All in varying measure, and many in very considerable measure, have contributed to our growth and success.

This week's occasion for an introduction is most special, and the pleasure is, as you will see, most personal. For, as of May 1, Arthur R. Murphy Jr. becomes the new Publisher of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, and beginning with next week's issue you will find his signature below.

Since September, 1957 Art Murphy has been Associate Publisher and General Manager of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. He began his career with TIME Inc. in 1937, following his graduation from Boston University.

In 1938 he was assigned to FORTUNE'S business office and four years later was appointed FORTUNE Business Manager.

After serving 2½ years in the U.S. Army during World War II, Murphy returned to TIME Inc. to become Business Manager of LIFE. His promotion to General Manager came two years later, in 1947. From 1950 to 1952 he was Director of the MARCH OF TIME division. Returning to LIFE, he resumed his position of General Manager until he moved to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED in 1957.

I joined TIME Inc. one year earlier than Art did, and our association therefore extends over more than two decades. During the past year and a half that association has closely combined not only a common interest in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED but a common interest in the world of sport, which we were sometimes able to share even beyond our official publishing duties. With many others I can testify to the stimulus of such experiences, for Arthur's easy familiarity with sport covers a range as wide as that of the magazine whose Publisher he now becomes.

In my new assignment I shall be Assistant to TIME Inc.'s Executive Vice President Howard Black. The continuing chance this offers to stay close to the people and the progress of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED enhances my anticipation of the change. Now as it takes place I hope you'll join me in welcoming Arthur Murphy.