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16 Game beyond the Call of Duty
Whitney Tower and Artist Robert Riger tell the story of the 85th Kentucky Derby

24 The Color of Las Vegas
Photographer Jerry Cooke explores America's amazing Babylon-in-the-Desert

34 Tuning Up for Ingo in Indiana
Champion Floyd Patterson warms his cold fists on a strangely resilient British opponent

42 Primer of Cleveland Success
Seventeen pictures and letters of the alphabet explain "The Indians in First"

47 Trouble Ahead for Walker Cuppers
The editor of the Glasgow Evening Times writes about the course at Muirfield

56 The Sporting Look for Summer
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S quarterly preview of the season's best designs—from beachwear to black tie

80 The Fish that Catches Men
Hook into the fighting, leaping tarpon of the U.S.'s southern coast and you're hooked for life

88 Gambling's Adult Western
Las Vegas: gaming and glamour in the Mild West. A report by Kenneth Rudeen

The departments

8 Scoreboard
10 Baseball's Week
29 Events & Discoveries
42 Wonderful World
70 Baseball
78 Charles Goren
95 19th Hole
100 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 8

Cover: Las Vegas roulette wheel

If the lady can guess which way the ball bounces, she's in luck. For more Las Vegas pictures turn to page 24; for a story on the town, see page 88.

Photograph by Jerry Cooke














Next week

•Contributing Editor Carleton Mitchell visits Bus and Bob Mosbacher, the undisputed masters of class boat sailing, and divulges their secrets of sound helmsmanship.

•Ever ride a horse? For you who haven't but might like to, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED presents an eight-page introduction by a great teacher, Gordon Wright. First of two parts.

•Novelist Mark Harris describes the case of Yankee "bonus baby" Ed Cereghino, who recently quit baseball—a decision that poses serious questions for the big leagues.