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Original Issue

A roundup of the sports information of the week

TRACK & FIELD—American sprinters were busy baring their speed for all to see—especially the Russians who will be here in July. At Abilene, Texas stumpy-legged Bill Woodhouse, emerging definitively from behind shadow of celebrated ex-teammate Bobby Morrow, got off to spurting start and barreled through 100 in 9.3 to tie world record. San Jose State's Ray Norton (see right) ambled to similar clocking in West Coast Relays at Fresno, Calif., where High Jumper Charlie Dumas, first American to clear 7 feet, did it again, and Dallas Long, muscle-armed USC freshman who has been taking potshots at Parry O'Brien's world shotput record, watched Bill Nieder push iron ball 62 feet 3 inches, grumpily muddled along with mere 60-and 61-foot efforts until his last try, when he palmed one 62 feet 5¼ inches.

LACROSSE—Winning streaks halted abruptly for Army and Johns Hopkins, and Maryland emerged as No. 1 contender for national college title. Unbeaten Terps, exchanging slash for slash and punch for punch with defending champion Army, brought Cadets up short 17-16 for first time in 15 games (see below) at College Park.

Johns Hopkins, with two-year string of 23 straight, suddenly found even All-America Bill Morrill, who had scored 37 goals in seven games, hemmed in by stubborn Navy defense and lost 13-11 at Baltimore.

BOATING—Yale and Harvard packed away two more trophies and moved toward Saturday's eastern sprint championships at Princeton with oars poised and fingers crossed. The steady-stroking Elis whipped Cornell and Princeton to retain Carnegie Cup at Derby, Conn., while Harvard, maneuvering efficiently in face of Severn River flood tide, beat Penn and host Navy for Adams Cup.

In West, Washington was downright inhospitable to California's retiring Coach Ky Ebright and thrashed his Bears by nearly three lengths over choppy 2¾-mile course on Seattle's Lake Washington.

BOXING—Sugar Ray Robinson. Stripped of his middleweight title by NBA, took off verbally in all directions, charged NBA was "influenced by IBC." Said Sugar Ray angrily: "They've dealt me a foul blow. I can't fight Jim Norris and politics."

Promoter Bill Rosensohn announced no home TV for Patterson-Johansson fight—theater TV, radio and movie rights have been sold to TelePrompTer for $300,000.