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16 The Tiger is Underfed
Optimistic Detroit is in the second division again, as usual. Here's a reason why

20 Rugger: Rousing Duel in the Sun
A demonstration in color of why the old game is gaining as a spring sport on U.S. campuses

31 All Status and No Play...
Vance Packard, the status man, testifies on people watching and bird watching

32 The Icemon Cometh Back
Ben Hogan takes his first tournament in a while and proves a point to skeptics

39 Kings of Class-boat Sailors
Carleton Mitchell describes the hows and whys of the amazing Mosbachers, who win everything in sight

43 Part I: How to Ride a Horse
Beginning a primer in the principles of horsemanship by leading U.S. Teacher Gordon Wright

53 Dear Mr. Tabor
Some slightly fictional letters from, a young golf pro by Herbert Warren Wind

76 You Can't Scout Desire
A searching analysis by Novelist Mark Harris of Bonus Baby Ed Cereghino, who recently quit baseball

The departments

9 Scoreboard
12 Baseball's Week
25 Events & Discoveries
32 Wonderful World
57 Horse Racing
61 Track
62 Charles Goren
67 Food
85 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 10

Cover: The Mosbacher brothers

About the only people Bob and Bus Mosbacher have never defeated in cup races are each other. For what's behind the success of the country's two top sailors, see page 39.

Photograph © by Philippe Halsman














Next week

•A preview of this nations foremost automobile race, the $300,000 Indianapolis "500," which bows in on Memorial Day for the 43rd time. With a closeup of a leading team.

•Vaulter Don Bragg, just back from Africa, wants to play Tarzan in the movies. En route to this ambition, he has vaulted higher than any man ever. Next week, hisstory.

•Gerald Holland, the man who brought the magic shovel to old Ireland, investigates sports in Israel and finds that baseball—and, begorra! hurling—are around the corner.