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14 That Incredible 59
Sam Snead tells the exciting shot-by-shot story of how he achieved golf's own four-minute mile

18 166 Minutes in the Sun
The Black Week of the last-place Yankees was relieved by a brief visit to seventh place

22 The Fun of It All
The camera captures Ingemar and Birgit in a barefoot and slipper-foot impromptu

31 Notes on the Third-league Theme
Cross-country reaction to the news the major-minor domos made at Columbus

32 Part I: Great Lakes Cruise
Beginning a basic itinerary and guide to the unparalleled delights of America's great inland sea

40 The True Sound of Spring
The voice of the frog is unmelodious but early. In color and words, a report on a comic fellow

56 Sports and the Gary Coopers
From skiing to swimming, sports are a creed with the screen star and his family, and so is simple food

70 A Horse Trade to Make History
Whitney Tower reveals the year's most important deal: wonder horse Ribot is coming to the U.S.

The departments

6 Scoreboard
8 Baseball's Week
11 Coming Events
20 Wonderful World
26 Events & Discoveries
40 Nature
49 Baseball
54 Boxing
56 Food
59 Tip from the Top
60 Golf
65 Charles Goren
81 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 6

Cover: The Gary Coopers

Name the sport, and chances are the outdoors-loving Coopers of Hollywood have had a fling at it. For a report on their enthusiasms, including skin-diving, turn to page 56.

Photograph by Louise Dahl-Wolfe














Next week

•At Winged Foot this month, Golfer Tommy Bolt will defend his U.S. Open title against the world's best golfers. Herbert Warren Wind previews the course and players.

•Memorial Day brings one of the capital events of sport—the 43rd Indianapolis 500-mile race, with 33 brave drivers and a $300,000 purse. A report direct from trackside.

•How fair is baseball's Hall of Fame? A critical appraisal by one of the oldtime greats, Washington's Joe Judge, plus a "scouting report" on the 84 players elected to it so far.