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'Sheer amateur devotion'

Detroit was founded 250 years ago by a Frenchman in a canoe, and ever since Detroit has been a boating town. Detroit has more than 100,000 powerboat owners, the biggest and most active yacht club in the country and, in the Detroit Boat Club, founded 120 years ago, the oldest boat club in the world. The pride of this august institution is its lightweight crew, the current national champions and a shell to watch in this summer's national and international regattas.

Shown with their shell above are (clockwise) Ken Blue, coach; Bob Kroll, coxswain; Marv Hopman, No. 7; John Welchli, No. 5; Doug Inglis, No. 3; Mike Erneman, No. 1; Dave Saxton, No. 2; Stan Plath, No. 4; Ivan Dibos, No. 6; Al Arbury, stroke; William Harahan, the club captain; and L. Perry Manning, the club director. "Club rowing," says Ken Blue, "is sheer amateur devotion." To beat such collegiate rowing powers as Pennsylvania, Dartmouth and Navy (their only loss has been to Cornell) Blue's young oarsmen have had to turn out every day at 6 a.m. for chilly practice on the Detroit River.