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faces in the crowd...

Dorothy Fredstrom, 20, pert, blonde senior at Omaha's Immanuel Hospital School of Nursing, was named Queen of College World Series and will present pretty picture when ballplayers come to town June 12-18.

Bobby Jones III, 32, Pittsfield, Mass. Coca-Cola Bottling executive, may never reach heights attained by famous father, but his 76-73-149 was good enough to qualify in district preliminary for Open at Albany, N.Y.

John Lawlor, a Dublin cop until he migrated to U.S. and Boston U., recalled tradition of great Irish hammer throwers of past. His latest feat: 208-foot 8½-inch heave at Storrs, Conn. to break own college record.

Dick Siebert Jr., coached at Minnesota by his dad, longtime A's first baseman, became one of his college's leading pitchers (6-1), helped Gophers win the Big Ten baseball championship. He plans career as doctor.

Ann Baker, shy Maryville, Tenn. 13-year-old, proved far from bashful when addressing golf ball. Her competent game brought her 5 and 4 win over Mrs. Don Bordinger and second Knox Area title at Oak Ridge.

John Meehan, Navy soccer star called by coach best player ever to represent Middies, was picked to receive Naval Academy AA sword as senior showing most outstanding athletic excellence during varsity career.

George Morris, 24, youngest member of U.S. equestrian team, showed fine form in international show at Wiesbaden, was rewarded by participating East Germans with special cup as best foreign horseman.