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12—Art Shay, Ivan Wood-burn, John Greensmith, A.P. (2), Keystone
16—John G. Zimmerman
21—right, A.P.
28-33—drawings by Ajay
35—Niels Lauritzen-Milwaukee Journal
36, 37—Mickey Rito-Chicago Sun-Times, John G. Zimmerman, A.P.
38, 39—map by Jack Kunz
40—Garry Winogrand
42—Farrell Grehan, Bill Young, Garry Winogrand, Jim Lucas
46—Herb Scharfman
52—Miami Herald
58—Robert Doisneau from Rapho-Guillumette
59—F. M. Demarest, courtesy American Home
67-71—maps by David Greenspan
70—David Kitz
72—Jim Mahan
73—George Burns
74—U.P.I. (12), F.P.G., European, Wide World, Culver
75—Culver (6), U.P.I. (6), Wide World (2), Tomlinson, Le Belstudio, N.Y. Public library, Brown Brothers (2), F.P.G., Notional Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, A.P.
76, 77—U.P.I (24), Culver (7), Wide World 15), National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum (3), F.P.G. (5), Brown Brothers (3), George Tames, Underwood & Underwood, G. H. Hastings, Harris & Ewing, A.P. (3)
86—Charles E. Kelly-Charlotte News
87—Edward Wehle