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18 A Matter of Seconds
Most of them were gained in pit stops as Rodger Ward won his first Indianapolis "500"

22 Spectacle: Spring on the Charles
Photographed in color: the idyllic joys of a June day along the banks of Boston's historic river

29 Ticket to a New Era, Maybe
Here's one of the $100 kind for Patterson-Johansson, but let's get on with it

34 Sweet Smell of Failure
Pitch by pitch, as Harvey Haddix will long remember, he set down 36 in a row, and then...

38 A Mustering of the Guards
Herbert Warren Wind tells how golf's Old, Middle and Young will gather for the Open

64 Part II: Great Lakes Cruise
Continuing from North Channel to Georgian Bay, a yachtsman's guide to America's great inland sea

72 Hard Verdict on Cooperstown
Hall of Fame standards are too low, says Joe Judge. Plus a "scouting report" on 84 members

The departments

4 Coming Events
11 Scoreboard
16 Baseball's Week
27 Events & Discoveries
34 Wonderful World
46 Baseball
52 Horse Racing
58 Food
62 Charles Goren
85 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 11

Cover: U.S. Open
No tournament is as wide open as the Open, but the four reigning British and U.S. champions are always highly regarded. For a PREVIEW of the tournament see page 38.

Photographs by Guy Gillette















Next week

•Superb color photography captures the immensity of the crowds who watch the Los Angeles Dodgers, and James Murray tells what a night ball game at the Coliseum is like.

•Beginning a new SPOUTS ILLUSTRATED instructional series on the schooling of field dogs. In the first of four parts Stanley McQueen teaches you how to train flushing spaniels.

•The life and flamboyant times of Jack Johnson: Part One of Finis Farr's true account of the great Negro fighter, whose feats even in his own day were obscured in legend.