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'Golf and an outdoor life'

Sooner or later at every major professional golf tournament in the U.S. all eyes turn to the cheerful gray-haired man above. Not because Ken Everett plays eye-catching golf—he generally shoots in the low 80s. But for the last 10 years Everett has been manning the huge scoreboard at PGA tournaments in this country and abroad, and his clean-styled lettering proclaims to all the world who is doing what.

Next week Ken Everett will set up shop at the Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, N.Y. and keep accounts for the 59th playing of the U.S. Open Golf Championship. Everett's scoreboard with its white sheets lettered handsomely in blue, black, red and green will, as always, be an oasis of authoritative and easily accessible information to footsore spectators, questing golf reporters, television's often bewildered technicians—and to competing golfers who have a vested interest in how Middlecoff did on the 17th.

"I like golf and golfers, I like an outdoor life, and tournaments are exciting," says Everett. His children, Ron and Andrea, often travel with their father during the summer. For Everett travel pays an extra dividend: a Mormon, he uses the opportunity of meeting many people to do some missionary work for his church.