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Pan-American tryout dates and AAU events through August


6 So. Pac. Assn. 5,000- and 10,000-meter runs, Los Angeles.
6 Ohio Assn. champs., track & field, Dayton.
6 Central Collegiate Conf. champs., track & field, Milwaukee.
6 Wash. St. AAU champs., track & field, Ft. Lewis, Wash.
6 All-Star meet, track & field, Whitinsville, Mass.
6 Univ. of Houston meet of champions, track & field, Houston.
6 Pacific Assn. champs., track & field, Stanford, Calif.
13 So. Pac. Assn. 5,000- and 10,000-meter run champs., Mt. San Antonio, Calif.
14 National 20-km. walk champ., Baltimore.
19, 20 National AAU track & field champs, and Pan-Am. trials, Boulder, Colo.
19, 20 Jr. national baton twirling champs, and Far Western meet, San Francisco.
26, 27 National AAU decathlon champs, and Pan-Am. trials, Kingsburg, Calif.
26, 27 National AAU track & field champs, and Pan-Am. trials, women, Cleveland.
27 Pac. NW Assn., 20-km. run champ., Seattle.
27 Pac. NW Assn., 30-km. walk champ., Seattle.
27, 28 Eight-oar Pan-Am. crew trials, Lake Onondaga, Syracuse, N.Y.


3, 4 Jr. national men's champs., track & field, Bangor, Me.
3-5 Final selection, women's Pan-Am. gymnastic team. West Palm Beach, Fla.
4 Final selection, Pan-Am. fencing team, men and women, Los Angeles.
4 Sr. 20-km. run champ., Needham, Mass.
4 15-km. run, So. Pac. Assn. champ., Goleta, Calif.
5 National 50-km. walk champ., Pittsburgh.
12 5-mile run, Catalina Island, Calif.
18, 19 U.S.A.-U.S.S.R. dual meet, track & field, Philadelphia.
24-26 Final selection dressage, Pan-Am. team, Fairfield County Hunt Club, Conn.
25 National 35-km. walk champ., West Seattle, Wash.
25, 26 Jr. national outdoor champs., track & field, St. Louis.
26-30 Final modern pentathlon trials, Pan-Am. team, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas.
30-Aug. 2 Pan-Am. trials, wrestling, East Lansing, Mich.
31-Aug. 1 Sr. national champs, and Pan-Am. trials, weight lifting, York, Pa.


1 New England states' 15-km. champ, run, Bath, Me.
1, 2 So. Atlantic Assn. champs., horseshoe pitching, Baltimore.
7-9 Pan-Am. trials, water polo, Chicago.
7-11 Pan-Am. trials, men and women, swimming. East Lansing, Mich.
8 10-mile handicap, 1½- and 3-mile novice runs, Huntington Beach, Calif.
8, 9 Pan-Am. trials, men's gymnastics, West Point, N.Y.
8, 9 Final Pan-Am. trials, 4-oar, 4-oar w/c, pair-oar, pair-oar w/c, double and single sculls, Detroit Boat Club, Detroit.
9 National all-round champs., track & field, Baltimore.
10 Final Pan-Am. shooting trials, Ft. Benning, Ga.
22 5-mile handicap walk, Pleasant Hill, Calif.
23 AAU Olympic development 20-km. walk, Chicago.
30 7-mile walk, Olympia, Wash. 30 National 25-km. walk champ., Chicago.
30 Pac. NW Assn. marathon champs., Olympia, Wash.