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18 Naked and Contemptuous
That was the attitude toward sport and society shown by the slugging of boxing's Jackie Leonard

20 Mickey the Booster Shot
The great Yankee rally ended the great Yankee slump, and Mickey Mantle was the reason why

22 Spectacle: Snack for a Shark
In a remarkable series of color photographs, a 10-foot lemon shark satisfies an awesome appetite

30 Brundage & Co. Are Above Politics?
So they say, but look again at what they did in Munich the other day

39 It's Agony, Upsets and Hopes
Tex Maule sees the last track meets before the NCAA battle and repeals a prediction

42 How to Train Flushing Spaniels
In Part One of a new series, Stanley MacQueen tells how to school these popular gun-dog breeds

74 Jack Johnson's Lives and Wives
Beginning the story of the "Black Hamlet of the Heavyweights," a legend in his own day

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12 Scoreboard
14 Baseball's Week
16 Coming Events
27 Events & Discoveries
32 Wonderful World
52 Food
54 Horse Racing
60 Charles Goren
64 Baseball
86 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 12

Cover: Los Angeles Coliseum

Baseball crowds in Los Angeles' huge Coliseum run big (see pages 64 and 65 for a two-page color portrait of plenty of people) and talkative (read Jim Murray's story, page 67).

Photograph by John Bryson














Next week

•Ingemar Johansson is the beguiling young Swede who has a plan to win the world's heavyweight title. Artist Robert Riger illustrates the plan, and Martin Kane judges it.

•Tex Maule went out on a limb when he predicted a Kansas win in the NCAA track championships. The meet's this weekend, and we'll see how right or wrong Tex was.

•A report on this week's 59th U.S. Open golf championship at Winged Foot in New York—who won the tournament and just how he did it—by Herbert Warren Wind.