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12 Finish in the Mud
Sword Dancer's Belmont victory was overshadowed by death on the course and a narrow escape

14 The U.S. Open
Herbert Warren Wind describes the thrilling finish and the cheerful new champion

16 Sky-high for Kansas
Versatile Kansas trackmen defied daffy doings, brought out the truth at Lincoln, Nebraska

18 Catch as Catch Can
How far out can you get? was a question satisfactorily answered twice at Yankee Stadium

20 Spectacle: Race in the Clouds
Pierre Boulat photographs in color Europe's famed and spectacularly beautiful Alpine Rally

28 Job for Joe Friday
His real-life counterparts in Los Angeles are still in a quandary on the boxing front

34 Preview: Patterson vs. Johansson
Analytical words and drawings on the heavyweight battle, by Martin Kane and Robert Riger

64 Part II: Jack Johnson's Lives
The decline and fall of the "Black Hamlet of the Heavyweights," whose dreams of glory never died

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7 Scoreboard
10 Baseball's Week
11 Coming Events
25 Events & Discoveries
30 Wonderful World
45 Baseball
50 Charles Goren
52 Tip from the Top
54 Food
73 19th Hole
76 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgements on page 7

Cover: Ingemar Johansson

Sweden's challenger for the heavyweight title holds in his big right hand the key to his chances against Floyd Patterson, in the studied opinion of Martin Kane (see page 35).

Painting by Daniel Schwartz















Next week

•David Goodnow, in a series of remarkable photographs, records in color the magnificent golden eagle in full flight, one of the rarest and most thrilling sights in all nature.

•Tex Maule reports from the scene at Boulder, Col. on the national track and field championships which determine the U.S. team that will meet the Russians in July.

•TV has brought a sudden boom to the old Colt Peacemaker. Coles Phinizy scouts the trusty revolver from its birth to its renascence and offers some sobering advice.